An  unofficial  list  for  use  by  DXers
Last Update 2021-05-06

This list of codes for classifying radio stations is mainly based on ITU and classic FCC codes, but is modified for DXers.

Oceanographic Data
Land Transportation
Public Safety
Standard-Frequency & Time-Signal

CODE Station Remarks.

 Aeronautical Service
FA Aeronautical Enroute Advisory Air-to-ground advisory with aircraft in flight, primarily below 18,000'.
FD Aeronautical Enroute Control Air-to-ground control with aircraft in flight, primarily above flight-level 180 (FIR).
FG Aeronautical Off-Route Air-to-ground communications primarily outside of civil air routes (military).
FS Search & Rescue Includes civil air patrol.
AA Aerodrome Advisory Public radio or private unicom station providing advisory (non-control) service at an aerodrome.
AB Aeronautical Broadcast Regular or continuous broadcast of weather reports and/or flight information for aircraft (ATIS, AWOS, volmet, etc.), including studio-transmitter links and inter-city relays.
AC Airport Control Control tower, including approach, departure and clearance delivery, providing airport control services.
AO Aeronautical Operational Control Airlines and private companies.
AS Flying School Flying school, soaring or aviation support.
AT Flight Test
AU Airport Ground Control
AX Aeronautical Fixed Point-to-point transmission of flight safety information.
UA Universal Access UAT.
MA Aircraft
EJ Aeronautical-Mobile Satellite

 Broadcasting Service
BA Radio Cueing Broadcast auxiliary station used for cueing, normally accompanying a radio station simulcast.
BC Radio Broadcasting Radio broadcasting station.
BR Radio Remote Pickup Broadcast Radio remote pickup broadcast at a specified location or on a mobile, including wireless microphones used during a broadcast.
BS Radio STL Radio studio-transmitter link.
BT Television Broadcasting TV broadcasting station.
BX Radio Inter-City Relay Radio inter-city relay or international feeder.
PX Press Broadcast Point-to-point radio-facsimile or -teleprinter press broadcast.
TA Television Cueing Used for cueing or synchronization of TV cameras, normally accompanying a TV station audio simulcast.
TR Television Remote Pickup Broadcast TV remote pickup broadcast at a specified location or on a mobile, including wireless cameras or microphones used during a broadcast.
TS Television STL TV studio-transmitter link.
TX Television Inter-City Relay TV inter-city relay.
EB Broadcasting Satellite
EV Television-Broadcasting Satellite

Fixed Service
 * Fixed station codes are listed under their associated services.

 Space Service
ME Space Station or Spacecraft 
EH Space Research Space stations conducting space research.
ET Space Operation Space stations operating spacecraft.
ED Space Tele-Command
ER Space Telemetering
ES Inter-Satellite

 Amateur Service
AT Amateur
AR Amateur Civil-Emergency Amateur disaster communications.
EA Amateur Satellite

 Industrial & Business Service
IA Agricultural Fixed Point-to-point transmission of agricultural market information.
IB Business Operations of a commercial business, philanthropic institution, churche, or private school or hospital.
IE Electric Utility
IF Forest Industry Logging and timber.
IG Gas Utility Distribution of natural gas.
IP Petroleum Petroleum or natural-gas industries, including pipeline stations.
IR Industrial Radio-Location Radio-location for purposes other than navigation (geophysical, etc.).
IS General Industrial Heavy construction (including concrete or asphalt delivery), fuel delivery, mining, or agriculture.
IT Telecommunications Maintenance
IV Film & Video Production
IW Water Works Distribution, delivery or treatment of water, steam or waste-water.
IX Manufacturers
IY Relay Press Newspaper or press association.
OX Operational Fixed Operational fixed links.
YI Trunked Industrial/Business Private system. See YQ for commercial trunked systems.
ML Land Mobile Truck, etc.
EU Land-Mobile Satellite

 Land Transportation Service
LA Automobile Emergency Garages, tow-truck companies and auto clubs.
LK Trucking Motor carriers of property.
LR Railroad
LS School Bus
LT Public Transit Public transit including urban rail transit and inter-city buses. Excludes sightseeing and special charter buses (code IB).
LX Taxicab
OX Operational Fixed Operational fixed links.
YL Trunked Land-Transportation Owned and operated. See YQ for commercial trunked systems.
ML Land Mobile Truck, bus, taxi, train, etc.
EU Land-Mobile Satellite

 Maritime Service
FC Public Coast Ship-to-shore, open to public correspondance.
FP Port Harbour-master, port operations, etc.
FS Search & Rescue
FT Pilot Pilot station in the ship movement service.
FW Port & Pilot Combined FP / FT station.
AI Automatic Identification System AIS.
BM Marine Broadcast Regular or continuous broadcast of meteorological information and/or notices to navigators for ships. May also include press information. See NA for stations that broadcast notices to navigators only.
CO Official Coast Coast guard or naval operations, not open to public correspondance.
CR Limited Coast Ship-to-shore, restricted to members or subscribers (marinas, high seas internet, etc.)
CV Private Coast Ship-to-shore operations of a private agency (fishing fleets, etc.)
CX Maritime Fixed Point-to-point transmission of maritime safety information, including studio-transmitter links and inter-city relays for MB-class stations.
DC DSC Watch Watch-keeping using DSC.
IF Navigation Info Broadcast Regular broadcast of maritime safety information via Navdat, Navtex or NBDP MSI, including ice reports, meteorological and/or navigational warnings, and urgent information.
LH Lighthouse
MD Medical Advice Medical advice for ships.
NA Notices to Navigators Broadcast Regular or continuous broadcast of notices to navigators for ships. 
VS Vessel Traffic Vessel traffic service (VTS).
MS Ship
EG Maritime Mobile-Satellite

 Oceanographic Data Service
OE Oceanographic Data HF radar interrogating station.

 Public Safety Service
FB Military Army, national or state guard, etc.
FX Public Safety Fixed Point-to-point public safety station (police, diplomatic, United Nations, international disaster relief, etc.), including studio-transmitter links and inter-city relays for PB-class stations.
PB Public Safety BroadcastTIS (travelers information service), HAR (highway advisory radio), etc. Regular or continuous public safety information broadcast.
PC Corrections Correctional facilities (jails and prisons).
PE Special Emergency Disaster communications, including emergency management, disaster relief, and civil defence.
PF Fire Fire, rescue squad, or hazardous material clean-up.
PH Highway Maintenance Highway or road maintenance.
PL Government 1. Other miscellaneous government services.
2. Combined PH / PL(1) station.
PM Emergency Medical EMS, including beach or ski patrol.
PO Forestry & Conservation Forestry conservation and firefighting, park, fish and game wardens, etc.
PP Police Law enforcement, including border protection.
PS Fire & Emergency Medical Combined PF / PM station.
PZ Public Safety Combined PP / PF , or PP / PS station.
YP Trunked Public-Safety
ML Land Mobile Truck, snowplough, car, aircraft, etc.
EU Land-Mobile Satellite

Radio-Telephone Service
QA Air-to-Ground Telecommunications For service in aircraft.
QC Common-Carrier Mobile Specialized mobile radio for subscribed industrial, business and land transportation users that share a common frequency.
QI International Radiotelephone (Obsolete)
QM Broadband
QP Radio Paging One-way paging open to public subscribers. (For in-house paging, use service codes of the user).
QR Remote Radio-Telephone Includes rural and offshore radio-telephone.
QT Mobile Radio-Telephone (Obsolete)
QX Common-Carrier Link Point-to-point link in a telecommunication network.
IM International Mobile Telecommunications Cellular, IMT, PCS, etc.
YQ Trunked SMR Specialized mobile radio for subscribed industrial, business and land transportation users that share a trunking system.
MO Mobile Phone
EI Common-Carrier Satellite

 Radio-Navigation Service
NL DGPS Beacon
RA Marker Beacon (Legacy). 75 MHz marker beacon.
RC Non-Directional Beacon NDB.
RD Radar Beacon Racon.
RG Direction-Finding DF.
RI Instrument Landing System ILS localizer or glide path.
RN Long-Range Navigation Loran.
RS Surveillance Radar For detecting the presence of aircraft or ships.
RT Omni-Directional Range VOR, VORTAC, VOT or Tacan.
RV Distance-Measuring Equipment DME.
RW Microwave Landing System MLS.
AM Aeronautical-Mobile Radio-Navigation Located on an aircraft.
RM Maritime-Mobile Radio-Navigation Located on a ship, including driftnet buoys, ship radar, etc.
EN Radio-Navigation Satellite
EO Aeronautical-Radio-Navigation Satellite 
EQ Maritime-Radio-Navigation Satellite

 Meteorological Service
SD Weather Radar
SH Hydrologic Hydrologic station (water levels, river stages, flow rates, etc.)
SM MeteorologicalMeteorological station, including weather ships and fixed buoys.
SU Ursigram (Obsolete)
MX Meteorological Fixed Broadcast Regular point-to-point broadcast of weather information and/or solar-terrestrial conditions or ursigrams, including studio-transmitter links and inter-city relays for WB-class stations.
WB Weather Broadcast Regular or continuous public broadcast of weather information for the general public.
SA Drifting Buoy
SR Radiosonde
TM Meteorological or Hydrologic Earth Meteorological or hydrologic station that transmits its observations to a satellite.
EM Meteorological Satellite
EW Earth-Exploration Satellite

 Standard-Frequency & Time-Signal Service
SC Synchronized Clock System
SS Standard-Frequency & Time-Signal
HR Time Signal Time-signal broadcasting on a non-standard frequency.
EE Standard-Frequency Satellite
EY Time-Signal Satellite

 Experimental Service
EX Experimental

Citizens/Low-Power Service
ZA General Mobile GMRS, FRS (family radio) or MURS (multi-use radio).
ZB Business Audio Public broadcast, announcement, auditory assistance or language-translation services provided by a business.
ZC Radio Control Short-range non-voice remote control of devices.
ZD CB Citizens band.
LP Low-Power Short- range low-power devices (non-broadcast wireless microphone or camera, TV interface, WAN, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.).

S Sounder HF ionospheric sounder used for the real-time selection of frequencies.
U Unwanted Emissions Spurious or out-of-band emission.
XX Pirate An iIlegal station.

 Record of Changes
 Several maritime codes changed to conform with ITU codes. As a result, the Radio-telephone "C" codes changed to "Q" codes.
 "SU" code added.
 "PZ" code added.

This list is in no way is meant to represent official usage. Code definitions may differ from the official ITU and FCC versions.

Maintained by William R. Hepburn 2021.