Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for VHF & UHF Radio & TV
DX Info Centre - Tropospheric Ducting Forecast
6-Day Forecast of VHF, UHF & Microwave Radio & TV Anomalous Propagation & Interference

Last update 2020-09-16.

This public website is intended for personal hobby use by private individuals. Use of the proprietary information by businesses, governments and other public services
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Broadcast of text or verbal information derived from using the maps, or the display of old maps (> 3 hours past the valid time) on websites, forums, Facebook and/or in publications for non-commercial purposes is permitted as long as DX Info Centre or William Hepburn are/is credited as the original source and a link to this website is provided.
Note that full images already provide this information and thus no additional credit is required.
Reposting of current and forecast maps on websites, apps, forums, Facebook, etc. is not permitted. Please provide a link instead.
Archiving of maps is not permitted, except for the occasional map used for documenting significant ducting events.

Commercial (business) or government use of any maps (forecast or archived) or the information they contain requires the purchase of a licence from DX Info Centre. Government use includes statutory corporations and public service organizations.

There are two types of usage licences :

1) A standard licence is available for those wishing to use the latest maps found on the website. This licence allows the user to copy the content and create derivative works for internal use (such as propagation monitoring and mitigation) and for occasional presentations to third parties.
Re-selling the content or selling derivative works or services to third parties is not permitted. The images can be downloaded from the DX Info Centre website (image URLs provided) on a daily basis and stored/archived on your server.
--> A standard licence also allows access to higher resolution maps (5592 x 4320 px) not found on the public website. <--

2) A historical licence is available on a per request basis for older images. This licence provides one-time non-exclusive rights to use the images for analyses, internal use, occasional presentations to third parties, or in publications. The DX Info Centre archive contains maps going to back to May 2000, although the period of coverage is not continuous.
The images remain the property of William Hepburn and may not be resold.

Unlicensed archiving of maps is not permitted. 

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licence quote, please contact DX Info Centre at dxinfo at .

Need to zoom-in for a closer look ? Check out our high-resolution maps available with the purchase of a standard licence :

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